Ww2 german sex camps Wapchat ukrai

Nevertheless, there were so many cases of rape committed by SS men that the complaints from the top echelons of the Wehrmacht reached even the Führer’s headquarters.War records prove that rape was also committed by members of the Wehrmacht.These establishments were sometimes set up via existing brothels which they took over in the West, but generally organized as new, especially in the East.Until 1942, there were 500 brothels of this kind in Western and Eastern Europe.Rather, rape was either not displayed, or they only played a "minor role" in the eyes of the military judge.There were rapes as this led the commander of the 14th Army in September 1939, to urge his commanders after the invasion of Poland to take action against the "mistreatment of defenseless" and to "rape".In the city of Smolensk the German Command opened a brothel for officers in one of the hotels into which hundreds of women and girls were driven; they were mercilessly dragged down the street by their arms and hair.

In fact having sex was encouraged by their commanders as matter of policy.In the Ukranian village of Borodayevka, in the Dniepropetrovsk region, the fascists violated every one of the women and girls.In the village of Berezovka, in the region of Smolensk, drunken German soldiers assaulted and carried off all the women and girls between the ages of 16 and 30.In most cases, especially in Eastern Europe, the women were being caught on the streets of occupied cities in Łapankas (Nazi German military kidnapping raids against civilians) and forced to serve as prostitutes thereafter.Women and young girls are vilely outraged in all the occupied areas.

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