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Proper combination of the herbal medicines will act accordingly and they are safe to use as prescribed.Basically, if the children who born with delayed milestones, they may suffer from mental illness hence, these medicines are helpful which can be given for long time.but the problem is with your product medhavati i could'nt leave pshytacrist medicines quitipin100mg and noten 5 given by dr. rndinesh gyawali your member at swoyembu, nepal, told that swamiramdev medicine is slower than that of doc'tors medicine!!please reply my comment and help the other way if it is possible!!Divya Medha Vati is useful for boosting memory power for children and for adults also.There are many memory booster medicines which are helpful.

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Good morning sir my question is Divya medhavati tablets use my Wife from fifteen days for epelipsy my child ten month is feeding his mother and my wife is epilepsy patient this tablet use twice a day morning after break fast 2 tablet and naight after dinner 1 tablet please suggestion for my problem Divya medha vati is ayurvedic medicines used for maintaining and improving mental health naturally. It is helpful in chronic depression and stress by balancing stress hormones of brain. It improves concentration and memory by providing nutrition to nerves and brain cells. It is useful in treating behavioural changes and epeleptic fits.5.Stress and depression have now become common in day-to-day life.It is because there is so much work pressure and other tensions in life that no one can remain away from these two mental states.Apart from this, hectic lifestyle, wrong eating habits, improper meal times, lack of proper rest and sleep, lack of physical activity and impurity of almost all the foods items are also responsible for stress and depression.Even internal body structure, genes and hormonal imbalance in the body may also lead to stress and depression.

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